Government Grants Program

7 May

Government Grants Program.


Make an Easy Money with

15 Apr

   In the previous post we’ve tried to show and easy way to earn money when you’re lying in your sofa. Now we want to introduce you . This is a site popular all over the world. It offers small services for 5$ each. We, the cashstorm team think that it could be a great start for your home business.


   To start making money with you need to post a gig. Of course, it is no gig limits or said with another words you can post as many gigs as you want. Actually we have forgotten to describe what actually represents the gig. So, it is a kind of an announcement. You point what you are able to done for your potential customers only for 5$. Then you have to give a detailed description of your skill. Remember to pay attention on what your clients will receive by ordering a gig from you – it is very important. Then you have to complete your gig creation by pointing tags(keywords) which are related to the work you offer. Tags are also very important because they rank your announcement in the’s search. It will be good for you to place a picture or even two or three which are also related to your service.


   All these simple actions however, may reflect very positive on your monthly budget. Well, it sounds like very low-paid job – only for 5$, but actually there are people who make 1000, 2000 or even 3000$ per month only with . These people make about 400 – 500 orders every month. Now it is time to say that there are gig extras which add much more money to your account, of course as an exchange of extra work. So when you extend your home business you may be able to sell gigs which cost 100$.


   With so many words we’ve said, we forgot to tell you may be the most important thing about your potential gigs – what actually you can offer with them. And the answer is truly shorter than the question : EVERYTHING. You will convince yourself that there can be met every kind of people with all their offers. As a buyer you will be able to choose from online experts to graphic designers and then to people who just want to sing a greeting song for you or even undress themselves to satisfy your need.


   So, think about your greatest skills which you can turn into online cash. Place your gigs ! Create a detailed description of them ! And finally, just be patient. You will start from 1 order per day or even per week, but if you satisfy your customers and be patient you would be able to turn your part work into a constant business.

   Hope this article was helpful and you’ve learnt some new useful things. Visit our other posts and learn about other ways to create your own home business and make money online.

Find a Home Job !!!

15 Apr

   Are you from these people who have a lot of free time and a low-paid job ? You like to stay at home ? You are ambitious and have a wish to change your life ? Well, this article is exactly for you !


   We want to show you how to use your free time effectively. There is nothing special you have to do ! Just pay attention on the activities we’ll show you. Then try to raise your monthly income with less efforts.

   All you have to do is to replace the unhelpful and time wasting surfing the Internet with searching for a home jobs. Stop just having fun in front of your computer and improve your social position.


   As a beginning try to find some of the most popular sites which offer home jobs by typing the keywords ‘home jobs’ or ‘freelance jobs’ in one of the most popular search tools nowadays as Google, Yahoo etc. .

   When you visit a site like this there are some simple steps you need to do. Now, it is time to tell you that you may visit some different kinds of sites which offer home jobs.


   For example, some of them are structured in a way which make you apply for the jobs, which are placed as a projects, yourself. Other site are structured in a way which make the buyers to search and contact the applicants. It is your own choice. Decide which of the site types is more useful and helpful for you.

   You also need to know that you will have to create your own profile in the most or even in every of the sites in case you want to be able to work and earn money online.


   Remember, your profile is like a ‘book cover’.  Many people will create their opinion for you only by reviewing your profile. So it have to be well-build to bring as much as possible work.

   First of all, try give more detailed information about yourself, your previous work, your skills etc. Complete your own portfolio and show the people how good you are.


   Second, your communication with your potential clients is very important. Try to be polite. Tell them what they would get if they work with you. Don’t just mention in a few words what you will deliver. Pay attention on what they will actually receive.


   Last but not least, start with a jobs which are low competitive and with a small budget. Try to earn some starting cash and complete your full portfolio. Even then you will be able to compete for the featured projects.

   We hope that this article will help you to start your own home business. Visit some of our other posts and find out a concrete tips to earn online cash.